Shining Silver Tinsel Hair Extensions

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  • FANCY SPARKLY COLORS: Shining Silver. Adds amazing colour and sparkle to hair - without having to use dye, tools or glue.
  • BORN TO SPARKLE: Designed by professional hair and beauty experts. Thin, narrow, lightweight strands that feel soft and silky, just like hair. Made from heat-resistant polyester fiber, meaning you can wash, blow-dry, straighten and style. And lasts up to 4 weeks or more.
  • NO STYLING LIMITATIONS: Add a few glitter strands for subtle shimmer or add a LOT for super sparkle! Clip into a ponytail, wrap around a bun, weave into a pigtail - the perfect hair accessory for girls of all ages.
  • EASY TO ATTACH: Simply tie into hair, using our slip-knot technique. Three step guide in the picture. No need for tools or glue.
  • STAND OUT! The perfect hair accessory for holidays, music festivals, birthdays, nights out, parties, weddings, holidays and for those that love to sparkle every day.
  • Glittering Holographic effects add more beauty to your resin works. 
  • The Tinsels are approximately 4 feet long and it comes in handy for any type and any size of work. Can be cut according to our needs.
  • Thin, narrow & lightweight, soft and silky.
  • Made from 100% high-grade, heat-resistant polyester fiber .