Metallic Antique Gold Alcohol Ink - 10ml

Rs. 90.00
  • Vibrant Color High Concentrated Alcohol-Based Ink, Epoxy Resin Painting, Tumbler Cup Making, Alcohol Ink Art, Alcohol Ink for Resin Art   Alcohol-Based Concentrated Dyes
  • [GOOD QUALITY] Acid-free, highly pigmented, and fast-drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces.
  • [FOR EPOXY RESIN] This ink doesn't spread so much in the resin, which allows you to control the color more precisely and make some amazing effects.
  • [PAINTING] These alcohol inks can be used in painting and to add color to different surfaces such as glass and metallic.
  • [PACKAGING] Drop Bottles to Use at your Ease and Convenience.
  • VIBRANT COLOR - alcohol ink provides vibrant color and endless possibilities for resin art. Resin ink dye is specifically formulated to achieve highly pigmented, perfect for creating depth, layer, and sinking effect.
  • Suitable for epoxy resin, not for UV resin.; ideal for resin painting, glitter tumbler making, resin coasters, tumbler making, yupo paper, acrylic painting as well as other alcohol ink art. (ATTENTION: Adding too many inks will affect resin curing, please be pay attention to the amount).
  • Comes in 10 ml leak-proof dropper bottles.
  • LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - Our alcohol-based inks will not spread out much in resin due to their high concentration, this allows you to control the color more precisely. You could easily mix it with alcohol to get a better spread effect, as well as lighter colors.
  • PREMIUM - These highly saturated and fast-drying colored inks are sealed in squeeze bottles, which allows you more precision to control your drops. NOTE: Be careful of splashing while cutting the nozzles.