Lagoon Blue Holo Glitter - 20gms

Rs. 85.00
  • Lagoon Blue Holo Glitters Fine Glitters add more sparkle to your projects.
  •  Glitters for Art & Craft, Rangoli, School and DIY Projects Chunks Glitter for Arts & Crafts, Scrapbooking, Paper Decorations and Other Activities.
  • Best quality Lagoon Blue Holo Glitters at best price.
  • Fine quality Lagoon Blue Holo Glitters for art & craft.
  • Kids and adults can get stuck in with this fun Lagoon Blue Holo Glitters, Creative Arts & Crafts, Party Decorations.
  • This Lagoon Blue Holo Glitters with bright colors is a great stationery item for school and offices to make rangoli and paintings.
  • This Lagoon Blue Holo Glitters can be used in art and craft work.
  • Bright, Shiny, Smooth and non-toxic, This Lagoon Blue Holo Glitters can Turn Your Magical Imagination into Reality.
  • This package contains 20gms.
  • These are very high-quality heat resistant super shiny Glitter square chunks for Resin , crafts, DIY art, disco balls, Christmas ornaments etc.
  • Best for Resin Art, Pour Art, Jewelry making, Nail Art and many more crafts and art, scrapbooking, liquid art.