White - Blue Glow in Dark Light for Resin Art

Rs. 150.00
  • Glow in the Dark Powder gives a special effect to your resin projects. Expose the cured resin craft in open light or sunlight for minimum 12 hours to get the full glow and longer glow effect.
  • Quality: - Premium Quality, Dries Quickly, washes off easily with water & Non-Toxic. Do not Eat or consume this product
  • Usage: - These glow pigments can provide stunning glow-in-the-dark effects in epoxy resin, slime, nail art, acrylic paints, paintings. Unleash your creativity and create unique, mesmerizing projects with our specifically crafted powder pigment
  • How to Use: - Just let the slime color pigment exposed to the light source for a few minutes and wait for the magic to happen! For the best glow results, charge the glow color powder with a black light, ultraviolet light or simply with the sun
  • Easy and Safe:- Crafted with naturally occurring, transparent in day light, easy to use.