Crescent Shaker Mold

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  • Delicate moon shape: the crescent silicone mold is designed to show the moons changing process more visually, the finished product is large enough to on the wall to display, also can attract peoples attention
  • DIY as you like: our full moon epoxy mold is easy to use, you only need to add materials what you want to add in the mold, such as dried flowers, gold foil, pigment, glitter and so on, then add resin and wait for it to solidify
  • Handmade gifts are fun, meaningful and special. For gift giving, this meaningful and special handmade gift is a good choice.
  • A set of molds comes in a variety of shapes you can choose from, and you can make unique pendants at home based on your own needs.
  • It is easy to demold. Just pour out the flexible DIY casting mold to push out the pendant when material completely solidifies.
  • Warranty not applicable for this product.
  • Made of 100% food grade silicone material, non-stick, flexible , easy to clean and Eco-friendly. Temperature range:-40 centigrade~230 centigrade (-40-460F).